Burnt Ridge, 2018

They said they were preparing it for shipping like on April 27th, not sure, tried to contact them, haven’t heard back since.

they should have sent you an invoice when you ordered, and I think this email should also have a phone number–they have been pretty good at getting back to me, but usually within like 48 hrs. I think it is probably a pretty crazy time for nurseries in March through mid-may

Hey Dan, I got my preliminary shipping notice from Burnt Ridge on 4/30 and the package arrived last Friday (5/4). I’d give them a call (not email, IME getting a return email from them this time of year just doesn’t seem to happen)

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I got my rootstocks on Friday, right about the time they had me scheduled for.

my 2 orders just shipped. should have them soon.

I asked for April shipment. Arrived May 4 which was a bit disappointing as some of my scionwood was not in great shape anymore and the P. Betulifolia seedlings were moldy. They said it was because of heat during shipping and to wash them. The heat issue would not have been an issue is shipped earlier. The P. Bet was mostly ok, huge tap root and not that many side roots.

Also got some aronia and serviceberry seedlings to graft with pears. I ordered what I thought would be large enough to graft but not too expensive. Aronia was plenty big to graft but I got a couple dead ones in the bunch. Serviceberry were on the small side for grafting so I grafted half and will plant out the rest. They do list a larger serviceberry seedling but $5.5 per was more than I was willing to pay for rootstock.

Other than shipping later than I wanted and showing up moldy, I am satisfied.

Are you saying that you graft pears on to aronia and serviceberry as rootstock? I’ve never heard if this–sounds interesting.

Pistachio, yes, I did graft pears onto aronia and serviceberry (amelanchier alnifolia). Serviceberry is being examined as a cold hardy dwarfing stock for commercial pear production. I’m just playing around and this is my first time doing so. I grafted about 25 pear varieties this spring. I put a few I’ve never tasted on these in hopes of getting some early fruit and some dwarf trees in the backyard. The rest went onto OHxF87 and Pyrus Bet. seedlings.


My rootstock from Burnt Ridge came in the mail yesterday, the box is like 8 feet long which is a lot longer then previous shipments. I’m leaving work early today to get it all done tonight as I have no idea what the status of wake up that it’s in.

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Burnt Ridge has the best and biggest highbush blueberries for the money you can find bare-root anywhere.
I’ve ordered form a dozen or more over the years. Very happy with their Jujubes. Satisfied with gooseberries and currants. They are a little later shipping than some others…a draw back if you’re anxious.


I will say my honey jar, although it looks like it isn’t setting fruit, went from a nicely rooted whip to having branches over 24" long already this year…it is doing really well.


An update on my pear grafting on seedlings from Burnt Ridge. It was a tough year with so much rain that my raised beds have been very wet. For comparison, I also grafted onto OHxF87 and OHxF97. Field grafting onto year-old OHxF97 did well and I can transplant those. Bench-grafts on OHxF87 did horrible - only 15% still surviving. Whether the scion or rootstock leafed out, these died from the roots up. A couple takes are finally pushing some scion growth.

For the seedlings from Burnt Ridge, my takes on P. Bet were not great and those did not do anything but leaf out, but every rootstock is still alive. I had some P. Bet with minimal roots that I planted out without grafting and they also just leafed out and stayed like that. I got 7/7 takes on serviceberry seedlings but minimal growth of the scion. 0 success on 8 aronia. The rootstocks all died like the OHxF87. A couple aronia were dead as received in the bundle from Burnt Ridge. The rest died after planting out. One was leafed out until late June or July.

Given that I blame the wet conditions, I’m not sure if I would have been better off planting everything out and grafting next spring. All the successful bench grafts will need another year in the nursery. Hopefully they take off and grow vigorously next summer.


I had the highest failure rates for bench grafting onto G-30. (And they sure didn’t come from Burnt Ridge!) The things I did get from Burnt Ridge I was happy with.
Maybe the cold weather at grafting time of the Geneva rootstocks had something to do with it. Antonovka, G-202, both were near 100% takes. And B-9 better than the G-30’s.

G.210 was my problem rootstock. I have 3 rows of that rootstock that died (27 rootstock per row).

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That is terrible…was it dehydrated/dessicated when you got it?

No, they looked healthy when I got them, although many were not well rooted, but all were covered in white bumps indicating they were ready to push roots. I grafted and planted G.222 at the same time and they did much better. Overall, I’m not impressed with the Geneva rootstocks.

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The only ones that got lots of white bumps for me was Bud-9 and I think I got them from Burnt Ridge, or maybe it was Raintree. (The white bumps made me think I could grow them as cuttings…so I put the pieces I cut away before grafting in water then in soil and they grew leaves up to an inch long…before dying.)