Bush cherries

I planted some bush cherries last year. I can’t remember the varieties. One was Nanking I know, but can’t remember the other. One variety fruited this year, and the fruit is dark purple, almost black. At this stage they still have astringency. Will that go away if made into jam? Fresh they make my mouth really dry. I’ll try to get pics once it’s light out.
Edit: I believe the variety that fruited is Hansens.



Nanking are sour and tasty right off the bush! Hansen is also known as western sand cherry. They do lose must of the astringency when they are cooked. My sister made great pies out of them! Make sure and remove all pits prior to cooking them. The flesh to pit ratio of nanking and hansens cherries make them a lot of work to grow. Highly recommend you try carmine jewell as well down the road!

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Thanks. I may get a few of those next year.

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