Buying plants in Denver (and hops as well)

DO not have a lot of time to write, but I plan to go to the conservatory in Denver today
And also I like Some of these native hops

I already wrote on another forum so will copy/paste.

I also Like foraging plants
would of liked to plan to drive back , but will probably just take the train
Will not want to drive alone renting a car,
(not that this Is Important just do not need advice for things back on the way so you know)

wouldn’t mind finding a place to buy hops as well
(even males been interested in breeding other plants)

I wouldn’t even mind finding some of these Native hops (first 2 in Midwest 3rd TX NM etc more western)
Humulus lupulus var. lupuloides
H. lupulus var. pubescens
H. lupulus var neomexicanus

Humulus lupulus in Flora of North America @

I do not mind herbal plants as well
A Native American Pow wow sold me some Bear root
it is more west if anyone knows where to buy stuff like
that or a nursery in the area that sells stuff like that

Or even just herbs)

Bear Root had a Celery taste to it I liked it, and still have some for tea .
I have been to CO before for at least a week maybe2)’
but I was with freinds so didn’t shop at all

Been to Denver Once for a short time of day

I may also go to Love Land , or Fort Collins but this trip is short
the plane ticket was $17 just got it a few days before – I put off buying the plane ticket
(or I should of been there for a week)