Buying potatoes in France


I think you were always pretty French


That’s a lot of pommes de terre! What is that last pic, a leg of deer??


Supermarkets get fined heavily for throwing away food.

Americans waste 219 lbs per person each year, compared to 44 lbs in France, and that’s before even the 2015 laws that ban food waste.


A leg of a pig. This is how Spanish jamon is sold.


Oh, okay, I see that. I do think it’s kind of odd how it’s dressed up with that red wrap.


Olpea! Its impossible to travel anywhere these days. Thank goodness I take pleasure in art, culture, fruits and veggies. The point of my pictures is to show the simplicity and beauty of what they grow here plus the different varieties, yesterday began a ‘canicule’ (heatwave) that will stop this weekend, rain, then start again next week… 89-90 every day for another/ week. The heat will make the fall peaches very sweet. I’ll try and find names of the varieties!