BYFG (BackYard FruitGrowers) workshops/grafting+scion/tasting events (usually in Lancaster, PA area)

Hey all,

Wasn’t sure if others know about BackYard FruitGrowers organization (aka BYFG We are a smaller organization that does occasional workshops, and there is also an event to get scionwood (and grafting tutorial if beginners want instruction) in late March.
We have 400+ members, mostly around PA/NJ/NY/DE (within driving distance of Lancaster, PA).
It’s mostly apples at the scionwood event (lots of apples! around 150-180 varieties each year) but there is also other stuff as well brought in smaller quantities like I’ve seen Asian pears, Euro pears, pawpaws, plums, persimmon, hardy kiwi, figs (like last year for example I saw maybe 8 diff euro pears, 8 diff asian pears, a few American persimmon/pomegranate I brought, 5 different pawpaws, a few different plums, hard kiwi).

Its $15 to become a ‘subscriber’ for 2 years (details are on the website on how to join; can send check or we just been talking today in our meeting about bringing a Square credit card reader possibly to some of the future events so people don’t have to send a letter). I join mostly for access to the scionwood + tasting events and to see like-minded folk in real-life.
I enjoy the end-of-the-season apple tasting in October (well its mostly apples, but people are free to bring anything else thats ripe).

Here are the events coming up in Lancaster, PA:
Winter Meeting (Jan20):

Winter workshops (Feb 17):

Grafting workshop (scionwood): March 23

P.S. on a sidenote: kinda interesting, I was told to use the terminology ‘subscriber’ and not ‘member’ when writing up this post, as Amish people can join certain clubs if they are viewed as ‘subscribers’ and not ‘members’ :slight_smile: and they mentioned a few use neighbor’s computers to look at various websites on the internet (although I have a feeling that the number of Amish users is very low on this forum).

Anyway, I just thought I’d help them get more local people interested in the organization and hence posted this. Realize alot of us just trade scionwood here amongst ourselves but maybe someone wanting 50 varieties of apples for an orchard in PA would be very interested in joining.