CAD for Orchard Design?

Does anyone else use CAD for designing or keeping track of their orchard. You can use some of these programs (sketchup) to check shade levels at different times of the year, check views from your windows, etc. this is a very basic sketch of my property without elevations. The fruit trees are cylinders instead of realistic models. Cylinders make it easier to check mowing path widths at different tree sizes. I’ll eventually fill out the mature woods to check shadow levels better.


Hi, Sparty,
LOL. I knew someone would post about it. :joy:
I did the same thing using Sketchup. It’s the best tool for this type of design IMO. The cool thing that I like is that you can pin your 3D model to the geo location, so that you can study the sun light on different spots accurately to find the best spots for your trees.


So very cool! I like the idea of being able to map the shadow levels as well!

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