Calmoutier plum and Precious apricot from Schlabach's


I got the new Schlabach’s catalog the other day and they have a few different trees than last year. One of them is a euro plum called a “Calmoutier (Berlett cv.).” I have never heard of it and can’t find any info about it. The description is:
“Late Aug. Medium sized, oval red fruit. Delicious, rich yellow flesh. Good fresh or canned. Freestone. Heirloom type. Limited availability.”
I’m just wondering if anyone has ever heard of it?

A few other trees that seem to be new to the catalog this year are: Erly Red Fre peach [sic], Precious apricot, and Ya Li asian pear.

I’ve never heard of Precious apricot. Schlabach’s description is “Medium sized, red blushed fruit. Self-fertile variety. Good flavor. Very compact, disease resistant tree.” Grandpa’s Orchard has this description in their informational catalog: “Precious is a very hardy variety that is smallish, yellow orange and with softer flesh. Good for cold marginal areas. It ripens in mid-season and is self-fertile.” I’m also wondering if anyone has any experience with this one?
Edit–> I see now that Bob Purvis has it listed with his apricot descriptions: “Precious: An almond-apricot cross, coming from a 100-year-old tree in southern Ontario province. Sweet kernels. Tree is self-fruitful, hardy into the –40s F., spreading growth habit. Fruit is small to medium sized, thick skin, sweet flesh. Resistant to late spring frosts and bears well in Quebec, eastern England, and SW Idaho. Does best in humid or subhumid climates.”

Erl Red Fre and Ya Li aren’t quite as hard to find but still don’t seem to be widely available just in case anyone is looking for them.


I just got my catalogue today, did a google search, and wound up here.


Any chance you could scan or snapshot the catalog?


Hope you can read the descriptions.


Does Schlabach mention the rootstock upon which they grow their apricots?


It doesn’t say what the rootstock for apricot is. I have to call them about something else, I’ll ask then.


They don’t list rootstocks of any fruit trees on their catalog, only dwarf, semi warf, standard. They will let you know when you call.

I got my apples on G 41 and B 9, J plums on a seedling rootstocks , etc.


Apricot is on Myro.
Asian pears come on BET and also on OHXF 97 in case anybody is interested.


Thanks for letting me know.