Cambuca (Plinia edulis)


Cambuca (Plinia edulis)

Two plants arrived from Oahu today :slight_smile:


Looks good. Nice size. The Cambucas I got from them last year were much smaller.


I ordered the premium size … and was successful!


Extremely well packed by the shipper :slightly_smiling_face:


See Richard, this is why I am more active on Facebook. You post about subtropical plants on this forum and… crickets.



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Thanks to you both I’ve been reading about this plant all morning. So out of room :frowning:
Maybe a good replacement candidate if the Starfruit gets culled.


What’s this? A bunch of threads? I’m not sure your point.

I didn’t say this forum was dead. It’s obviously very active and a great place to discuss plants that grow in zone 8 or below. Just so happens that the community here is largely based in the cold winter US states.

Look at the Green Sapote threads – crickets. Post about that fruit on Facebook and tons of people will chime in with their experience. Not a knock against this forum - if I have a question about apples or peaches I’ll come here.


Don’t be so hard on us Joe. It’s a bit difficult to be excited about fruit you can’t taste or grow!

I can’t for different reasons now. :frowning:


Sorry, I love this forum, I lurk here daily. For context, Richard joined my Facebook fruit group and then posted a link inviting people to come to this forum. Then I explained in the comments why I’m not active here. That discussion sort of carried over into this thread. Not my intention to insult anyone.


If you ever get the chance to taste some fruits you had never heard of before, you might get hooked. It changes your perspective from “rare fruits must be rare because they don’t taste good” to “why has nobody heard of all these amazingly delicious fruits???”


Oh now I understand you – the replies to posts about subtropical plants here are often just little chirps … like crickets!

And yet more growers of subtropical plants keep making their voices heard and new members continue to join. And quite frankly I’m glad to have all the folks here who actually grow things than the 1,000’s of FB users who give advice about plants they’ve never grown or only talk about fruits they bought at the store.


I just ask people on this forum if it is O.K.With the stuff i am growing, so i started to post a couple of times and now you make me feel not welcome, so stay with your facebook, i am leaving. You can k…!


Now that I’m back home from Wolfskill I can share some more pictures.

I’m very impressed with the eBay seller 7_heads. The plant pots are well wrapped and labeled. The medium priority mail tube has custom cardboard stops and ties built in to keep the plants from sliding and the plastic covering intact.


They’ve been sitting in an east facing window for a couple days. I just transplanted them to 2 gallon nursery pots and put them outdoors on the opposite side of the window where they’ll receive morning sun only for a few days. The high temperature has only been 75F so far so I’m hoping the transition goes smoothly.


Janet and I walked around the yard today and found a location for at least one of these plants. It faces ENE offering sunlight morning to noon, plus a little extra in the late afternoons of summer. It’s a bit clayish with some drainage and I can tie it into the main french drain system if necessary.


I wondered where you were going to squeeze them in! Looks like a good spot :slight_smile:


Today I brought automatic watering to the pots from the local irrigation circuit. :slightly_smiling_face:


That spot turned out to be too sunny so I’ve moved them onto my patio where they’ll get about 3 instead of 6 hours direct light.


New growth emerging :slightly_smiling_face: