Camos82 orchard review and updates

Hi everyone,

Being a newbie here, I thought I would share what I am currently growing. I hope to post some pictures here in the future as well.

Some of these varieties I have are experiments that I understand may not do well in my hot, arid climate. I am mostly referring to some of the apple selections I have grafted. Though California’s San Joaquin Valley is very hot and dry, we do get a fair amount of chill hours, our soil is great, and we have a long growing season.

Current grow list—

Peaches: Strawberry Free, Babcock, Scarlet Robe, Saturn Donut, Elberta, Earlitreat, Fairtime, Eva’s Pride, Sweet Bagel, Kit Donnell, Rio Oso, Black Boy

Nectarines: Fantasia, Nectar Babe, Liz’s Late, Arctic Glo, Speckled Egg

Cherries: Stella, Lapins, Bing, Royal Rainer, Black Tartarian, Montmorency, Carmine Jewel

Asian Plums: Beauty, Laroda, Emerald Beaut, Elephant Heart, Weeping Santa Rosa, Shiro, Inca

Euro plums: Purple Gage, Golden Transparent Gage, Green Gage (Reine Claude Doree), American Mirabelle, Coe’s Golden Drop

Pluot/Plumcot: Flavorella, Splash, Geo Pride, Emerald Drop, Flavor Supreme, Dapple Dandy, Flavor Queen

Pluerry: Sugar Twist, Candy Heart

Apricot/Aprium: Robada, Tomcot, Flavor Delight, Summer Delight, Cot N’ Candy, Blenheim

Apples: Anna, Gravenstein, Fuji, Braeburn, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Arkansas Black, Hudson’s Golden Gem, Cripp’s Pink, Gold Rush, Whitney Crab, William’s Pride, Egremont Russett, Roxbury Russett, Brown Russett, Yellow Delicious, Macintosh, Summered

Pear: Bartlett, Harrow Sweet, Harrow Delight, Magness, Blake’s Pride, Warren, Keiffer, D’Anjou, Fondante de Moulins Lille

Citrus: Meyer Lemon, Washington Navel Orange, Minneola Tangelo, Algerian Clementine, Gold Nugget Mandarin, Cara Cara Orange, Valencia Orange, Moro Blood Orange, Owari Satsuma Mandarin, Cocktail Grapefruit, Bearss Lime

Figs: RdB, VdB, Strawberry Verte, Peter’s Honey, Desert King, Celeste, Panache, I-258, Black Madeira

Berries: Loganberry, Boysenberry, PAF BlackBerry, Quachita BlackBerry, Sunshine Blueberry, Misty Blueberry, O’Neal Blueberry, Sweetcrisp Blueberry, Caroline Raspberry, Anne Raspberry

Grapes: Summer Muscat, Thompson, Crimson

Mulberry: Pakistan

Nuts: Carpathian Walnut

Pomegranate: Eversweet


Welcome! Nice! A lot of great cultivars in there. A nice unreal selection of fruits. I’m looking at snow today. Although I had raspberry juice reconstituted from raw syrup from my garden. The smell was amazing, I could drink that stuff all day. Trying to make the best of it!
Baba raspberry is said to work in warmer zones. Bay Laurel sells it.

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Impressive list of trees! I hope we get to learn from your growing experiences…

Espalier Anna Apple has been blooming for over a week now. This is 4th leaf in ground for this tree on M111. This was my first espaliered tree and I think it has been a success. In fact, I may have to look at thinning the fruit spurs next season.


Cot-n-Candy Aprium starting to bloom. This is my wife’s favorite tree…4th leaf in ground on citation rootstock. Very vigorous tree for my area.


Eva’s Pride has been the 1st tree that I have in my collection to wake up in the 2 years I have had it. Wonderful peach and blooms profusely. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of purchasing it on citation. I will likely make an attempt to graft onto my Babcock peach on Lovell at some point.


Beautiful trees. You’ve done a great job with that Anna. Do you happen to have a current picture of your Weeping Santa Rosa?

Thank you @chadspur !

Here is my weeping Santa Rosa. Been in the ground 4 years, not sure what rootstock it is on. Buds are just beginning to swell. This has involved a lot of trial and error learning how to prune it and still not sure I know what I am doing. I am attempting to create some scaffolds as structure and I cut back to that point to 2-3 buds each winter. Has been working well so far.


Weeping Santa Rosa is loving the recent rain. Fruit set has been excellent!


Just finished fruit thinning on Cot-n-Candy Aprium. In my experience it is absolutely necessary with the heavy set of this cultivar. I am noticing that after 4 seasons I am beginning to chase fruiting wood up high into the canopy. I might have to do some more aggressive pruning in the next year of so to bring some more fruiting wood down lower in the canopy.


Eva’s Pride has now been thinned. Probably will make another pass in the next week.

Asparagus sure likes the rain and sun. Daily harvests for the last week. This bed has both Purple Passion and Mary Washington cultivars.

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Fruits set on Anna espalier!


New additions to the orchard! Speckled Egg Nectarine on the left and Kit Donnell Peach on the right. Both on Lovell and from Raintree. I am very impressed with the caliper and quality of these trees. Hopefully they get acclimated to my weather soon and begin to take off. I will get in and do some pruning soon.

I have a decent fruit set on Flavorella Plumcot this year! I love the quality of this fruit. Though it is a shy bearer…I actually like that trait as I don’t have to come in and thin as aggressively as I have to with many of the other trees I have.

Flavor Delight Aprium, Tomcot, and many pluots/pluerries are planted nearby as pollinators. In my climate, Flavor Delight’s bloom time is in sync with that of Flavorella Plumcot.

I have been trying my hand at this informal espaliered Bartlett Pear for a couple of seasons. I have a grafted branch of Blake’s Pride on this tree as well. I have been struggling with pruning to encourage fruiting spurs on Bartlett. Maybe I am just too impatient. Anyone have experience with growing Bartlett as an espalier?

Here is a big box store D’Anjou. I have top grafted Fondante de Moulins Lille, Magness, and Harrow Sweet as well. Hoping for some fruit this year!