Can apple diseases other than viruses be spread via grafting?

I’ve been looking into buying/trading apple scions recently and I’m curious to know if anything other than apple mosaic virus could be spread via scion wood? If so, what could be spread? Can grafting transmit harmful fungi or bacteria that, when the scion sprouts, could spread to other trees? Thanks.

Some of the risk depends on how well the scions are treated before shipping.

bacteria: Fireblight is difficult to completely remove.
viruses: the source of the cuttings is usually aware if their trees are infected.
fungi: two treatments of the scions can remove them all: 1st with an exterior and 2nd with a systemic.

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Fireblight is one thing I was worried about. I am no expert, but I have not seen any evidence of fireblight where I live, so I’m definitely concerned about introducing it to my orchard, if not the general area. Thank you for the information, I appreciate the information on this.

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