Can I buy some mulberries from you?

Howdy! I would like to plant a large, intensive coppice system of polyploid mulberries for my sheep and goats. Rather than use all cloned cuttings from my farm I’d rather use mostly seedlings from polyploid varieties like Kinriu, Vratsa, Florida Giant, any varieties on this page
Or if you have an unnamed variety that appears to be polyploid (huge, meaty leaves and generally larger fruit) and you have extra fruits you’d like to sell then let me know.
I have dozens of wild mulberries here but I’m really hoping to propagate superior ones. I’d like to plant thousands of seeds so maybe 5 pounds of fruit or so would do it. I’d rather buy the whole fruit fresh or slightly dry to have the freshest, most viable seed. If you or anyone you know on here is interested please let me know.
Cheers, Chance


Welp, I’m still looking :slight_smile:
Does anyone know anyone in the US who has Vratsa, Kinriu, or any Kokuso varieties with seeds?

Many will be back in June