Can I graft Hachiya on Fuyu persimmon tree?


I recently planted a Fuyu persimmon tree and wondering if I can graft a Hachiya scion to one of the branches. We had a few juicy tree-ripened Hachiya persimmons this past season - their flavor is extra-ordinary! I am super new to grafting and I only see examples Japanese persimmons grafted onto American native rootstock. I wonder if there is any issue with Hachiya on Fuyu. Also what would be a good time to graft persimmons in Bay Area/Nor. Cal weather? This is my first season of growing persimmon but I read that they wake up quite late compared to other deciduous trees and might be better to wait until there are some buds leaving out. Let me know. Thanks!


Both are diospyros kaki so it should be no problem


Hi Udhay,

I attempted 4 grafts of Hachiya scions to Fuyu trees last year. All were successful. In the previous year I attempted 8 grafts and all failed.

March 8th of last year in Vallejo, Ca, I used an unusual technique called “Z” grafting with a long (2" to 3") vertical cut. Then tightly wrapped the joint with electrical tape and covered the entire scion with parafilm to prevent dessication. Two months later the scions began growing.


Dan, any reason why the earlier grafts failed?


Graft when leafing out. Good luck! After grafting, remove any fuyu buds near your graft sites. This will increase the likelihood that your hachiya grafts will take.


On the first attempt I did not protect the scions from the weather. My guess is that the scions dried out and died on the earlier attempt. In my limited experience, persimmons are a lot slower to heal than many other fruit trees.


quick question for the experts - does grafting Hachiya on the same tree as Fuyu pollinate the latter and thus the fruits end up having more pronounced seeds?


Don’t you have to graft on lotus rootstock when you are in California? If your sions are in good shape, you can graft now, no problem.


No idea. Let me do some research. I already have a Fuyu (or is it actually Jiro?) from DWN which I planted last fall and is loaded with flowers. I wanted to add Hachiya on a few branches but wondering if it will pollinate the Fuyu flowers (not this year of course) and establish seeds. I guess I am not too worried as each house in my neighborhood has multiple established persimmons so they will anyway get pollinated.