Can I move blueberry, blackcurrant & goose from pot to ground now?

Hi all,

Per title. Can I transplant a pot grown blueberry, gooseberry, and blackcurrent from pot into the ground.

Currently in UK, during a mild spring (for now …).

Or am I risking transplant shock?

I would guess that they will be fine if you give them enough water and are gentle with the roots.


Have they been outside at all, or in a heated area?

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Outside all the time

Yea, might give it a go!

Hi @PearTree The blueberry requires low ph and may need special soil preparation aside from the others. You may already be aware of this.


I have to keep mine in pots because of my alkaline soil


I mixed soil with sulfur and used it to create a mound in which I planted the blueberry. I hope it will have some properties of being in a pot but also allowing for some benefits of being in ground. Not sure on the how it will work long term, but that’s the method I am experimenting with.


Indeed. I’ve been quite lucky. My soil works fine with blueberry (have another already in the ground) - probably just about acidic enough.


In hindsight, not sure why I was worried about the gooseberry plant/bush, those things are crazy resilient (and have survived much worse from me tbh, haha).

I just put all 4 in the ground. Will post an update/pic in a month or two to show how they are doing. Fingers crossed!


They should be fine… potted plants usually transplant OK unless it is too hot and/or or dry and being in England you shouldn’t have any problem there :grinning: