Can I transplant a stepover in May (in the UK)

Hi all,

A question, can I transplant a stepover apple in May? (In the UK). It’s not fully established yet (but structurally reached 90% of its form).

It’s currently in a spot that is shadier than I initially thought, and will not thrive long term. (I’ve also got another thats in a spot too crowded…)

Can I just about get away with it you think? Or should I wait until winter…?

Theyre currently flowering, if it makes any difference. Maybe transplant and remove any flowers/fruitlets?

Tbh, I think I know the answer is no. But just curious if anyone has had any success.

Yes, the answer is no. I’ve moved a few trees too late. Usually they defoliated and then some came back next year and most did not. Mine were still somewhat new as well. They just don’t like having their roots touched after they get started growing. I’d advise waiting.


I think you’re right…I’ll be patient.

(The one thing I dislike about gardening /growing fruit trees sometimes is the requirement to be patient!)

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