Can Kiwi be moved/shipped bare root?

I’ve got three Kiwi: fuzzy male, Saanichton, and Hayward maybe 1 inch caliper that I’m done with. Does anyone think I could ship them to someone bare root?

You know my experience on this is about zilch, but I don’t see why not. As long as there is something there to keep the roots moist, they should even live. :wink: They should be as dormant as grapes this time of year. I have unknown male and female fuzzies growing and they are pretty hardy in surviving.

Thanks for the input. I can’t remember if these were shipped to me bare root. All I remember seeing have been potted.

bareroot is fine, especially if shipping at this time of year. Any species that is propagated via cuttings is altogether in a most promising condition if already has roots(kept moist and cool, of course).

way more than, say, certain mulberries, which have stems that are quite incapable of striking roots from cuttings(even with hormones).
So shipping a kiwi with trimmed or damaged roots certainly has much better chances than a mulberry with the same amount of damaged/trimmed roots

baylaurel ships theirs bareroot, and i think also burntridge and onegreenworld

Thank you, that’s what I needed to know!