Can muscadine grapes grow in NJ?

Stark Bros says Nesbitt can grow in zone 6. Anyone had luck growing muscadines in 6? Any downfall to growing Muscadines in NJ/Zone 6? Best cold varieties?

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Darren, at Brambleberry Farm in Paoli IN - zone 6a - is growing several Muscadine varieties there, and offering them for sale from the nursery.

UofKY fruit specialists told me they wouldn’t survive here…but there are wild ones growing/fruiting in Land Between the Lakes, just 30 miles west of me.

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Thank you for sharing!

Growing the Black Beauty and Lane varieties in 7a - Greater Philadelphia Region since 2020.

No dieback this year even though I had moderate dieback on my figs. Not sure how they would do against a strong polar vortex.

Also considering one or two of the following for my next property: Summit (bronze), Darline (bronze), Oh My! (seedless), Paulk

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