Can Pawpaws continue to ripen even after being picked?

Hello all,

I’m getting closer to my obsession: getting my pawpaws trees to fruit and get decent size fruits… But I know I don’t have enough heat and sunshine here so close to the North Pole to get the fruits to ripen by themselves. Since I continue to pray everyday I know (hum!) I’ll get some fruits some days but I’ll need to give Nature a helping hand… So do pawpaws can ripen on the counter like bananas or no? If not well I will be the only bloke eating his pawpaws… green!




This 6 year old NC-1 has survived -32,4 C. I should get flowers in a few weeks like I did last year…

I just planted those 6. With blue labels = Maria’s joy. With Yellow labels = NC-1 Maria’s joy’s are 4 year old and NC-1 are 3 year old.


Not to the extent of a banana, but they will ripen some after being picked.

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Also,if it’s possible to plant a few more,there are early ripening varieties,such as,Allegheny,VE-21,Summer Delight and Halvin.The NC-1 is probably the earliest in your group now.

@Bradybb : Thank you for the info. I’ve done a basic research and those varieties don’t seem to be available in. :canada:

I don’t have a clue why, can only think because they are too early for Canadian climate??? Most nurseries have the same varieties but none of the ones you mentioned. I will nevertheless contact some of them to see if they could order some varieties you mentioned. Thanks! Marc

With caveat that only if they are picked when far enough along on the tree.
If there is no softness at all, it will not ripen and will probably make you puke if you eat it.


Some of those are quite uncommon even in US. Cliff England’s nursery is the source of many of those.

@TrilobaTracker: Thanks for the tip. I will contact them for sure and if they cannot ship to Canada I will try contacting a Canadian nursery to import them. Marc

Good luck and thanks for sharing your progress!