Can pome or stone fruit run sap if you prune at the wrong time?

Zone 4 in the upper Great Lakes here. It is early February 2024.

The last cold snap was in the first two weeks of January. We are having an unusually warm weather that is more like the spring maple sap season, where temperature alternate day and night between above freezing and below freezing.

Is it OK to prune pome fruit under these conditions (Michigan State Extension is recommending to wait on stone fruit until the have budded)?

If I make a pruning cut in an apple tree right now, will it bleed sap? Or is this only with maple trees where daily cycling between above and below freezing operates the “sap pump” in tree tissues?


With this crazy weather, I am worried that the 2024 fruit season is going to be completely discombobulated with petal fall happening in mid March.

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I’ve never seen apple, pear, or stone fruits bleed sap. As to pruning if possible I’d wait on everything. I can’t see how pruning will help to save the trees from freeze injury anytime between now and fruit set.

I’ve pruned peach right before it flowered and it created a lot of sap. I learned to wait until after it flowers to prune or after the leaves fall.

Apple I’ve pruned at all different times with no sap

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