Can someone ID this mystery pluot please?

Hi Garden Family!
I have a 4-n-1 pluot tree. Namely, the fruit are supposed to be: Flavor King, Flavor Queen, Flavor Supreme & Dapple Dandy. I have all the tags still attached. I need to know which pluot this one in the picture truly is: I actually have 2 pluots that I want indentified, but I am really curious to find out which one the first one is:

The tag for this one says Flavor Queen. I personally don’t think so. FQ is supposed to be greenish yellow–like the second pic that I am posting. I am hoping that this first picture is a Flavor Grenade…
The tag for this one says Dapple Dandy. This one looks like a Flavor Queen although I think it still has another 2 months to hang on the tree. All my other plums are turning colors quickly. We have been a little short on rain as it has been very hot and humid here. Help me out family, thanks a bunch!

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Top pic i’m going Splash?

The first could be Flavor King. It’s that shape including the suture, has the whitish freckles, and turns red then very dark purple/black. In a month you’ll know for sure because the others are lighter colored. But it could be FQ if that reddish blush on the shoulder is just sunburn/blush

Flavor Queen does indeed end up greenish yellow. FS and DD both get a moddled purple/grey. FS should be ripe for you soon.

Flavor King is usually the least vigorous if that helps any. And the growth tends to be sparse lower down on the tree/branch.

Wait until its bigger. You’ll know for sure then. A lot of these plums (pluots) look the same at the green stage.

Thanks warmwxrules & fruitnut!
I will wait and I will update and let you all see the end results! Thanks again.

I lost the tags on most of my 4 in 1 pluots…but the colors are still there. I think someone has the colors that match the variety. I have all 8 varieties but very few fruit other then the Flavor King. I thinned the Flavor Queen to nothing because i’m not a fan of that one.

Question warmwxrules…
How many of your pluots grow the most vigorously? ON my tree, the FK and FS seems shy and withholding. According to my tags, the Dapple Dandy and the Flavor Queen grow and spreads like gangbuster. Do tell…

FS is most vigorous for me and FK least. I’ve had many FS trees and all grow like demons.

Yellow (Flavor Queen)
Green (Flavor Supreme)
Red (Dapple Dandy)
Orange (Flavor King)

Thanks Fruitnut & Speedster! Fruitnut, you are right about the FS stand alone tree. That tree is very vigorous, I had to give it its first pruning of the year and already I have a lot of new growth as I will be pruning it again by the end of July. Yet, I was just wondering: has anyone had to cut off any of the least producing limbs as a result of them not growing as vigorously as the others? I have the colors that match what the fruit is supposed to be: I even have all the tags. I was just curious about why FQ has a red blush if it is truly a FQ variety. I do hope that it is another variety because everyone who has tasted the FQ says that it is too sweet. I sure hope that that red blush means Flavor King! Of course, like warmwxrules said, I will have to wait for them to fully ripen to know exactly what I have…as the anticipation heightens every day!

Sorry, I when I asked the question about cutting off the least producing limbs, I was referring to the 4-n-1 pluot tree that I have as well.

I’d say it’s not too sweet. But sweet is all it’s got, no other flavor IME.

All the more reason to hope that the mystery pluot is something other than a FQ! LOL

It’s possible that the nursery mislabeled the grafts at the time. For most people the dapple is the thickest branch because it appears to have the graft union at the bottom of the trunk. My tree was 3x1 and was missing Flavor Supreme. My Flavor King was nearly as thick as the dapple and my flavor queen was tiny twig compared to the others. I have since grafted FS onto my tree along with Flavor grenade so it’s technically a 5x1.

Same for me. Although, I thought that’s because FS hardly bears fruit and FK sets a ton!

Could you imagine if FS set fruit like FK. You’d have huge trees that set tons of the best pluot out there.