Can someone identify this mushroom?


I’m very glad to hear that as I made two mushroom beds with this one being the larger of the two. Its 12’ x 20’ and at least 4 inches deep (so I moved a ton of fresh wood chips to make this).



seconding what moose said, unless the stropharia was grossly under-seeded it is extremely aggressive in chips


how much mycelium did you ad to that bed? one that size would need 5-6 big bags of spawn. what i did is make a 4’ x 5’ bed about 6in. deep with 1 spawn bag in spring. by the fall that beds chips were completely colonized. i then put those chips into bigger beds. basically growing out your spawn to be used to inoc. a bigger amount of beds. it takes time but saves you a lot in spawn.


That’s basically what I did. If I dig down I have lots of white just under the surface.



Remember about spore prints to guys. Think we discussed it here Anyone finding fall mushrooms?


Can anyone identify this beauty? Diameter about 10 inches.


Looks like chicken of the woods but I am by no means a mushroom expert. Nice find


It does look like a chicken, the color is a little dull though so maybe it is a Berkeley’s polypore.


Is this a Reishi? I found it growing on a redbud in the middle of the city.


Yes definitely some sort of reishi, probably lucidum.


Is this a type of puffball and is it edible? I found it growing out of the ground next to one of my fig pots.


Looks like one, if white inside they are good cooked.
I’m on the other side of the country though, what we eat may not be the same mushroom.


Just find these growing in one of my fig pot and wondering what type these could be ?


Just googled

The small, yellow mushroom is probably Leucocoprinus birnbaumii. The fungus is sometimes referred to as yellow houseplant mushroom , yellow parasol, or flower pot parasol. This species can be found outside in summer, but is most commonly found year-round with potted plants or in greenhouses.

Is Leucocoprinus Birnbaumii poisonous?

Toxicity . Leucocoprinus birnbaumii is known to be a toxic toadstool, and if eaten it can cause a very unpleasant stomach upset.


puffball sliced edible

Earthball sliced inedible

Deathcap/Destroying Angle Deadly in the Egg stage sliced. Notice the shape of a capped mushroom is present in the egg stage.



Beautiful peeling job on that puffball!