Can thrips be passed from shirt to plant?

I was in my garden around my cherry that may have a virus and had a white shirt on. I was afraid that the thrips had jumped on my shirt from there and I spread it to other trees in another location because I passed if front of the other cherry trees too, is this something I need to be concerned about?

Sounds like those are insects.

Anyway, I suppose it is possible but it seems like they move around via the wind rather than jumping onto a temporary host (you) to hitch a ride to the next plant.

Alright I really hope I didn’t spread it that time because I was in there for quite a time

According to this it is possible, especially if you are wearing a white shirt. It seems they may actually seek you out. Yikes!

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That isn’t good, do you think they would react to my movement

Yeah, thrips (and a number of other pest insects) passing from one room or greenhouse to another on clothing is a major concern in the hemp and cannabis industries.

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Do they jump acording to human movement or disturbance of clothing or when they see plants nearby

It was a quick passing the small bush which is surrounded in mesh netting