Can you graft muscadines on wild grape root stock

I have a lot of wild grapes on the river in my back yard. I want to try to grow muscadines new variety on some of the root stocks on my fence.

Are they wild muscadines or some other species?

They are a grape species called mustang and have small fruit. They can smoother a large tree and have so much energy in the river bottom sandy soil. I want to put a new muscadine on the root like the wine growers do to change their wine grapes.

Compatibility will be poor. Muscadines can be grafted on the three species in the muscadine group: Vitis rotundifolia, Vitis munsoniana, and Vitis popenoei. All have 40 chromosomes, rather than 38, are generally not cross-compatible with Euvitis subgenus. The best recommendation would be to plant a muscadine where you want one to grow. They perform best on their own roots.


Thank you for your reply. Need to find some wild muscadines for more root stock.