Can you identify this fruit?

Hello all:

Saw this fruit at my local Mexican market. At first thought It was passion fruit but was way too heavy… No perfume once opened, very sweet with a milky sap(?), consistency of Jell-O?(?). Weird…

I would do the search myself but Internet connection is slow here…

Muchas gracias!



Star apple


Or Caimito in Miami


Thanks for the replies! Marc

Caimito morado

So how is it eaten?

best when matured on the tree. Wait until fruit attains the softness, approx that of a recently ripened avocado, then slice as shown in pictures posted and with a spoon, scoop out the pulp and eat everything that is soft(except the skin and seed of course).

there is a green variety which i find much better in eating quality than the purple one.

a well- ripened caimito will have a creamy fragrance to it, having a faint vanilla milkshake scent, and kind of tastes like it too!

the other name for this species is “milk fruit”, which is more applicable to the green variety which has white pulp.

the translucent pulp around the seed is more of a jello consistency as described above, and is not as sweet nor as flavorful as the milky/creamy flesh that surrounds the gel-type pulp farther from the core.
the riper the caimito, the sweeter and more fragrant the fruit becomes(which can be overpowering), and the more milky flesh you can scrape off the skin hull.