Can you safely plant anything were a canker infested tree was?


I am going to remove a stanley plum tree that is far to infested with canker to save. My question is even if i remove the roots can i plant anything in the site next year or will i have to wait. I was thinking about replacing it with a pawpaw tree. Will i have to disinfect the site first?

Most plant diseases are host specific . ( but not all)
Meaning , a canker on plum, would not likely bother something from a different family of plants , like Pawpaw ,which is much different than a plum.
So I think that is a good choice.


Or service berry…or blueberries


A tree that thrives in the conditions that caused your plum canker would be good.

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As others have suggested a different type tree would probably work well. Persimmon, pear, fig or an apple.

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I would think about if the soil conditions, amount of water, or lack of pruning contributed to the canker. Then I would fix that problem on, as others have said, an unrelated next tree.