Canadian Strawberry Apple Scionwood?

Anyone here have Canadian Strawberry apple? I was looking for scionwood, it appears Fedco is the only go as Maple Valley is not selling scions this year (the owner seems to have had a rough year, including hip surgery)…scions would be great, but beyond that can anyone even comment as to if I am chasing something worth chasing in the first place?


Mark, I updated your Subject line, so it didn’t appear as though you were looking for a strawberry that comes from Canada :slightly_smiling:

Patty S.


Anybody growing this? I got some scion wood to try grafting it.

Haven’t tried it, but got some scion from Fedco the other day.

So did I. Good to know some one in same environment.

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I planted a Fedco tree in 2013 though it is rated z4. It was a hard winter and it died down to snow line. There were a few low branches that survived so i decided to let it grow. It’s doing fine so far. It’ll be interesting to see how it does for all of you in warmer zones.

Anyone get an apple yet from their scion? Mines finally loaded with fruit buds, so next year fingers crossed.

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No fruit yet on mine but it continues good growth and healthy. I grafted the leader over to a hardier Carroll in hopes of edging up the hardiness of the CanSB below. Be nice to have some fruit next year; it was a good growing season for us this year so there’s hope. Sue

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They really talk it up on Felco as a really good Apple. I was hoping to have fruit by now so I could graft it over to a tree I wanted to change varieties on.

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I planted one two years ago I believe. I am in the same boat as you waiting for it to get bigger.

I had 13 apples off of my Canadian Strawberry tree this year and I am very happy with the flavor and disease resistance. One of the best apples I have ever eaten.
I just went to Fedco to buy more scion wood but it appears that they only sell Canadian Strawberry on standard rootstock now, (no scion wood). I guess I will be taking a few prunings from my small tree to graft instead.

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I have done a lot more research and looked at more photos and so on since you showed me your Canadian Strawberry photos as a possible match to my unknown apple. Everything I have seen and read matches my mystery apple 100% so I honestly think there is a high probability, but of course we can’t ever know for sure. Anyway, I’d love to send you some wood this winter if you want some. It might help you get more CS apples sooner, and if you grew mine out side by side with yours then you’d be best able to tell me if you think that is what mine is. ASnyway, just let me know in a couple months if you want to try some wood from mine. Even if you decide they aren’t identical, I think they are close enough that you may be happy with it.