Candy Heart Pluerry


Anybody can order wholesale and some have. The real reason IMHO is that professionals like having exclusives.As even the Chinese could order wholesale and do whatever they want with them. DWN would not admit that, but I have no doubt about it.

It never works! In Africa armed guards surround the Peppadew peppers, yet I still grow them in my backyard.

Some companies that make their own cultivars have been able to keep them from leaking. Huntz, some of their tomatoes leaked, But other companies like the berry seller Driscoll have their own cultivars, and I have never seen them.


Oh…I thought you were saying you had got some. Any idea where these websites are that are selling commercially available pluots to anyone willing to buy 3 trees? If that is true and they exist, it seems like a pretty pathetic way to “protect” commercial varieties if all a person has to do is buy 3 trees to have access to the wide and beautiful world of commercial pluot varieties. Almost sounds like an urban legend, because me and lots of other people would probably be willing to buy 3 trees if that’s all we have to do to get some of the varieties you see in the grocery or in the link I posted above. I’ve never seen a site selling an extended selection of commercial pluots with a minimum of 3 trees. It seems crazy that they would make this big distinction between backyard and commercial protected, then only require a $75-$100 purchase to get around it.

Armed guards protecting peppers? Wow! I can see it with poppy fields or cannabis maybe, but peppers?!? Amazing.


Urban legend is right. I don’t think there are any. You can order from DWN with a 10 tree minimum per variety and 150 tree limit total.

Putting these in retail hands greatly increases the odds of them getting into places like China.


I like urban legends!

Probably more urban legends (Actually I believe it is true)
Info on the pepper here. I have the recipes for many of their products. They came out great!
Also the recipes for their products is extensive and you can use whatever peppers you wish. I found some top rate pepper recipes on their site.


Very interesting, and they sound good!


The company has a pickling recipe for them one of many, that makes them taste very sweet, probably sweeter than Candy Heart! They sell pickled, but besides the pepper, the recipe to make them sweet leaked too. I tried it with peppadew peppers I grew, it was very different super sweet. Yeah this peppadew plant is amazing in itself. I’m in the north a 3 foot pepper plant is big, they are small plants. Well this peppadew grows to five feet tall, and about 5 feet wide, even here! It’s massive! I have seen hot peppers get that big where you can keep them for a couple years, this one does it in one season. I got hundreds of peppers off of it.Probably 200 peppers on one plant. Many more failed to mature.


You know these pluerries and such haven’t bit me yet. Probably because I have never had a cherry that I liked at all. Of course they were all store bought. But I think I would rather add some new pluots and maybe even peaches before I got into these. Thank you for the answer and let us know how these things end up tasting.



With good reason. The new cultivars DWN has released lately from Zaigers have been mostly the unusual wide species crosses that IME haven’t been as good as their first releases: Flavor Supreme and Flavor King.


I think that is smart. Now after trying all these inter-spcific crosses, I’m heading more old school and trying to find good plums that work here. It just makes sense to grow what works here. American - Japanese crosses have done well in my zone 6 environment. So looking at them. Vermont looks extremely interesting, besides your standard ones like Superior, Toka etc. Then maybe I’ll venture deeper into the new hybrids again.


Me too. I’m doing research on Luther Burbank plums. He developed over 100 and only 15 or so are in regular rotation. Since I live within 100 miles of LB’s original nursery, I figure I can probably grow almost all the plums he released. Now, finding scion wood for those will be the challenge. Hermosillo Plum? America Plum? Delaware Plum? Should be interesting…


Vincet, was it you who asked me a question on Houzz today? I received an email notification from Houzz that someone replied to my comment. I don’t visit Houzz anymore. I tried to reset my password, but it says email not valid. But somehow, I still get email notifications.


The Prussian king Frederick the Great (18th century) wanted his people to grow and eat more potatoes, but they were conservative and wouldn’t touch the new crop. Then the king ordered a planting of potatoes in the royal garden, and put armed guards around them. Suddenly, everybody wanted to have some potatoes (if they had gardening forums at the time, potato threads would be as popular as pluerry threads on this forum). The rest is history. :wink:


Burbank was an amazing breeder as he did so many things with so many diverse plants. From spineless cacti to white blackberries. I have two of his common plums,Santa Rosa and Satsuma.


Yes, Thank you Ulises.
Can you read the topic “Name this Plum” to see my question. It had pictures in there. I know you have Mariposa plum tree. I wonder my plum is the same plum with yours? No fruit at all,last year i had only 2 fruits, I like to remove the plum tree for my persimmons. But like to get your opinions first. Thank you very much Ulises.


My Candy Heart today in full bloom


Mine is also in full bloom, just going out of bloom, and I see early signs of fruit set. Same with my Nadia. Really interested to compare the two. Very nicely shaped tree btw.

Patty S


Now doesn’t she look pretty. Looks like she’s all dressed up and ready for the dance.


Mine got pollinated by Nadia, Geo Pride and Emerald Gem Pluots.


Mine have signs of a heavy fruit set. They may need thinning in the next 2 to 3 weeks. I can’t wait to taste this fruit again, it may be the next Flavor King. The main pollinator was Burgundy plum.


Please keep us posted on your success tracking down the Burbank plums.
A woman from the Burbank farm usually is one of the folks helping at the Redwood Empire CRFG Scion Exchanges.