Canker on plum?

My late santa rosa from Dave Wilson nursery started expunging some red goo this past weekend:

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Is this bacterial canker? Borers? Any suggestions for treating it?

The more orange-ish goo at the bottom could be a borer, I would poke around with coat hangar or similar to see if there is a tunnel. Its certainly in the right spot for a borer.

If its not a borer it is likely canker, and it looks like the rootstock is getting it the worst. If its canker cut out all the brownish or otherwise unhealthy looking wood back to clean wood. You test for canker by cutting a bit at one of the spots. If the wood looks good there its probably OK. I would check the orangish spots as they are more likely to be the cankered area.

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Thanks Scott. Is cutting out the canker the only way to fix this? Are there any chemicals available to kill it?

The canker is deep in the bark where chemicals can’t reach it. Cut it out or cut it down are about the only options.