Canned Fruit Floating / amounts "off" from recipe

Since I’m new at canning, sometimes I don’t know if something is wrong.

Today I hot pack canned peaches. I followed both USDA and Good Housekeeping Canning Guide instructions, and am using a Presto digital canner.

Even though I brought the fruit to boil in light syrup, packed the hot jars with hot peach slices / syrup, and used a spatula to remove bubbles, the sliced peaches were compacted and floated when I took them out of the canner. They sealed fine.

I had the same problem with sweet cherries in June but not as much. Also with some canned zucchini pickles.

Is there anything wrong with that? Do they usually float? They taste delicious. Am I doing something wrong?

I did note, despite weighing according to directions, I got 3.5 pints instead of 4, so I used a half pint jar for the last of it. Somehow, the amounts never seem exactly right either - I either have too much or not as much as the recipe states. My sweet relish yielded 5 half-pints instead of 4. Is that normal?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Yes, many fruits float. I never liked the way that looked in a jar so I would add more fruit to the liquid before placing it in the canner. There could be an inch or two of liquid at the bottom and I found it un-attractive. I just added more fruit. It worked fine.

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