Captan 4l

Does anyone know much how per gallon of this liquid captan. Thanks in advance.

That’s such a broad question John it’s a bit difficult to answer. The label has different rates for different kinds of fruits, different diseases, or whether you are east or west of the Rockies.

With a little effort, I figured out you are in MA. If you are looking for the rate of apples (common in MA) the max rate per gallon would be 0.64 oz/gal. or about 4 teaspoons per gallon, assuming full coverage sprayed to the point of run-off.

Same for peaches and nects. Half that rate for cherries, caneberries, and grapes. For apricots and blueberries the rate would be different.

Wow, you’re good. I typed this out so quickly I forgot to add the details to my question, but yes, this is for apples, pears, and peaches. Very helpful Olpea

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