Captan Applications

This year I am attempting to control fly speck and sooty splotch on my apples. I’ve made one Captan spray and would like to know at what intervals I should spray going forward.

Every two weeks, unless it rains hard, in which case you must reapply.

lately with all the rain (daily constant downpours), I’ve pretty much just given up on the idea of spraying. Surprisingly, I see very little fungal issues or insect damage, but once it clears for even a day the issues become intense without spray.

Thanks for the info guys. Alan in the zone(s) you would otherwise work, when would you first see evidence of fly speck and splotch? I’m along the Connecticut coast on the border of 7a and 6b. I keep a close eye on the lighter skinned apples, so far haven’t noticed anything and have done one Captan application.

All I know is that I start spraying after the first week of July or so and spray every 2 weeks into early Sept. I only manage 3 orchards for pristine apples and I don’t wait for first signs of fungus to begin. That is still far fewer sprays than the commercial growers I’ve asked use.

I have a few customers right on the water in CT but I don’t go for pristine there. I actually don’t spray at all in CT- not licensed there. I get others to do it.