Captan Formulations

I’m looking for a form of Captan that does not leave a white spray haze on the fruit. The 50% WP that I use leaves a bad haze for several weeks. I read a comment earlier that other formulations do not. Does 80% WDG, 4-L or something else leave the least amount of visible residue on apples?


I use the Captan 80 formulation and it leaves a white haze (or white spots if it rains) at the full rate. Most of the time I use the 1/2 rate and it’s not near as bad.

Indar leaves a lot less white spots because so much less is used. Rubigan (another DMI) is clear (it’s an EC) and doesn’t leave any visible residue. Pristine (WDG) also doesn’t leave much of a visible residue because so much less is used, but of course Pristine is very expensive.


Thanks for the info. With a lot of rain, my apples need a lot of fungicide to manage the rots. I’m rotating classes and I need several more covers of Captan. I was hoping the Captan 80 WDG might be a little better with the haze/spots. Wonder is the liquid 4L at around 2 quart/acre would be any better?

Pristine works great and I never see any residue but the price is killing me! I had pretty good luck with Captan early and Indar later in the season on my peaches last year. The Indar price did not send me to the poor-house.

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