Captan hard to find this year

I have had good success with my Peach tree spray program. Triarizide and Captan with a sticker. I have never had fungus issues.

The only place in town that had carried Captan, can’t get it from their distributor.

recommendations for a good substitute fungicide?



Captan has been impossible to get and most other fungicides are very hard to find as well. I’m using immunox on some things if i need it this year (i keep it on hand just in case) and it will work on fruit Spectracide Immunox® Multi-Purpose Fungicide Spray Concentrate For Gardens | Spectracide

It’s a multipurpose but is recommended for fruit

Here is another multipurpose alternative

If you must have captan 50w for controlling brown rot and other things it does better than alternatives can be found here buts it’s expensive and there is not much of it I have a feeling
Then click see all buying options

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You can get it here.

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… impossible or exorbitantly priced. I found some on the shelf at the Co-op in December, and it was expensive there, but my (counter-capitalist) rationale for taking my patronage to them is that my money stays close by. Depression Era habits are epigenetic and die hard.

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Thank you all

Keystone has 6.25 lb. bags of Captan 80WDG for $62 plus shipping. Shipping here looks to be right around $22

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What sticker do you use Paddy?