CAR Spray Timing

I started spraying Immunox plus sticker at the end of March when I saw the orange galls open on the Red Cedars. I sprayed all of my apples and pears. They ranged from silver to 1/2. So far I have sprayed on a 7 day schedule, and have sprayed 3 times. And plan on continuing until I no longer see galls or the end of may which will me the max according to label. But I have also read, spraying for CAR is not needed until blooms begin to swell (pink). Am I over doing it? We are surrounded by cedars and it is always a bit humid. Last year most of my apples were hit hard and most defoliated. I don’t want to spray any more than needed due to safety, but have 30+ apples and 10 pears. I’m new to this and it’s my second year growing fruit.

Cornell suggested spraying from tight clusters until 2 week after petal fall.

Most literature suggests removing the host trees (if possible) or plant disease resistant varieties. Otherwise, it will be an uphill battle for you every year.

I sprayed Immunox on Goldrush last year at petal fall and ten days later. Worked well, no rust. Can’t remember if I used a sticker.

The arborist here says they ignore the state of the bloom and base their spray entirely on the cedar galls.

Which I bet will be popping here now that we’ve had 1/2 inch of rain.

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I started spraying as soon as I saw the galls and was planning on spraying until I no longer saw them. Just don’t want to overdo it with the chemicals.

Where I’m at in Virginia I’m surrounded by pasture that has tons of cedars on the properties. I have many on my own property as well. No way to remove all the hosts. Tons of orchards in the area that grow susceptible varieties, so I’m guessing I will just have to spray like them. Just don’t want to overdo it. Do not know of any organic apple growers in the area.

A cedar fell in the ice storm and damaged one of my trees…that’s how close they are to me.
But, I don’t have major problems (not since got rid of Yellow Delicious and Grimes, anyhow).
Since all my neighbors to the Southwest have the ‘juniperus Virginiana’…no need to worry about a few specks on the leaves. I’ve sprayed once in 30 years for CAR.

Once the galls dry up and dont appear gelatinous anymore you can quit spraying for CAR that growing season.

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Sometimes, if another wet spell comes, the galls do another round

I live in a very nice climate for CAR and it never requires more than 3 sprays for absolute control in my region. Period. 2 Sprays is ALWAYS adequate.

Over 25 years dealing with it and about 100 orchards I’ve managed that are scattered about the northeast make me very confident to state this as fact, even right on the beach. Not one orchard has ever suffered serious consequences from CAR that has received at least the petal fall and 10-14 day subsequent spray and I have several times realized that someone who is spraying orchards I only prune failed to provide timely apps of myclo because of the tell-tale CAR which is always around during an average to particularly wet spring.

Scab occasionally surprises me.

Go to guides if you want the sched.