Carbaryl effect on pears

Today I’m spraying my stone fruit with carbaryl for PC. I look at the pears. Something is eating on them. I look at the sprayer - still enough mix in the tank. Never read anything that says carbaryl will cause fruit drop in pears, just one mention that it might deform the fruit.

I decide not to use the carbaryl spray but wonder if I might as well have done so

Carbaryl is used to thin fruit and I assume it would thin pears. I’ve never used it so I don’t know, but you might have made the better choice.

I actually have used it to thin apples and crabapples, but I’ve not read anything that says it will thin pears. Yet pears and apples are in the same family so it makes sense that it might, or have some other effect

I’d just like to know for sure

Doesn’t work on pears, which is why Seckel pears tend to be so tiny here in the East. Growers don’t want to pay to hand thin them.

But does it harm them, cause some misshaping of the fruit?

Not that I’ve ever heard, I I expect I would have heard. What does the label say?

It’s labeled for use on both apples and pears, but there’s a warning not to use on apples until 30 days after petal fall

That’s it


Like Alan, I’ve not heard of carbaryl thinning pears. I’ve used it on pears before and not noticed any thinning.

I googled it and found that it can cause marginal leaf burning on Bartletts.

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Thanks, that’s a very useful page

I’m getting lots of information about potential problems with Captan, as well

I spray pears with Cap all the time and have not experienced consequences. The problem is only that it doesn’t do much for pear fungal disease issues. But when I’m spraying a mixed orchard I can’t always fine tune to the optimum.