Carmine Jewel growing through pot into the ground

I have one of these bush cherries, and when I went to move the pot, it wasn’t moving! I assume the roots went through the drain holes into the ground! I usually put it in the garage for the winter. I guess I have to rip the roots out. The pot I guess is too small, although it is a large pot! Not sure what options I have here? Can I just leave it? Will the winter kill it? I have nowhere to put it in the ground really. Although it could stay where it is. Any thoughts? It has already lost it’s leaves for the winter.

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I don’t know if it will survive the winter outside or not. If you elevate the pots a little with wood blocks etc you can mostly eliminate future rooting into the soil. Good luck, Bill

Aren’t those hardy to zone 3 or thereabout? If so I’d think it would be OK in the pot. I’m nervous about such and would likely insulate the pot to some degree.

I let this happen on purpose all the time. You can sever the roots just outside the pot or carefully dig the roots out of the ground and place a plastic bag around the roots with something moist but not soggy in the bag to keep roots moist until spring.

You can then either replant with root in the ground or move into bigger pot after cutting the pot from the tree.

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Thanks guys, I do have a 2nd one that was on cement, so didn’t root. What I really need to do is get these in the ground! I probably will this spring. Yes hardy to Zone 2 or 3! These are part Mongolian Cherry. I was looking at the weather in Mongolia and the average temperature is like 35F!
I heard you can leave plants in root pouches, as they dry well. I left a black raspberry in a root pouch and it is fine.
OK well I’m going to move it in the garage and plant it next spring. I’m not fond of fall planting when we have so often got to below zero the last 2 years. I lost 2 trees that I fall planted.