Carmine Jewel in crowded condition?

I want to replace large Carmine Jewel tree with a small sucker of the same tree planted in a small spot between decorative bushes of Mountain Laurel on the border of my property (technically - on the neighbor’s side, but she is OK with it as soon as I do not cut the Mountain Laurel )for purpose of pollination for my North Star. I do not care if it will produce, but I need it to be able to flower. Do you think Carmine Jewel will flower if planted in crowded condition and partially shaded location?
I found that I have too much of tart cherries. Now there are two trees - North Star and Carmine Jewel. Altogether they produce about 60 quarts a season. Way too much for me. I also have Juliette cherry which is growing on a good pace and producing its first small crop this year and it is much better quality than Carmine Jewel. So I am thinking about removing Carmine Jewel, keeping only North Star and Juliette. But my North star started to produce regularly only when Carmine Jewel first flowered so I want to keep a small bush of Carmine Jewel for pollination in the corner so I can recycle 9X9 space the large tree is taking now.

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what about grafting C.J to juliet and northstar? this would free up space for you and you would still have your pollinator.

Tried, it didn’t take.

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In my experience plants don’t do well being crowded. I used to plant a bunch of peppers together and they would always get aphids because of the stress and some would not even grow more than a few inches.