Carya,Juglans,castanea and hybrid from these

Hi Grower
where can you find many varieties of fresh seeds of all carya, juglans, castanea and multicomplex hybrids please? thank you for the response

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And you include a picture of pecan, bitternut, pignut, water hickory, shellbark, and shagbark?

Is this a serious inquiry?

in the photo are these

A Carya illinoinensis
B Carya cordiformis
C Carya glabra
D Carya aquatica
E Carya laciniosa
F Carya ovata

At least my eyes are still working pretty well. I correctly identified all six.

Please try to state a bit more clearly exactly what you are looking for. Are you trying to find seed nuts? If so, for what purpose?

I am looking for quality genetics of all varieties and no ame selection of quality / big nut, early ripening, kernel quality, good kernel to shell ratio /.The seed is intended for sowing in the soil.I am interested in establishing a quality genetic collection of quality selections of all types of Carya, Juglans, Castanea and hybrids from these