Caught a Gopher Today

Two times out of two, I’ve caught these nasty little rodents within hours. They just can’t seem to resist hitting the trap on the way to plugging their holes. This time around though, the trap didn’t kill it. I had to do the dirty deed myself. :disappointed:

Click to see it

Ive trapped and killed hundreds out of this property. Vile little beasts! Ive taken to stapling the dead carcasses up on the orchard fence as a ghastly warning. lol Little bastards!

I thought I’d never see these creatures here in suburbia. But I guess the house on the hill a few houses above me must be a breeding ground for them. Do they ever travel above ground or have they dug a tunnel all the way to my house. My neighbors report seeing tunnels which they thought their dogs were digging.

Yes they will run into your yard fro other properties. We have cleared our property several times only to have new ones run in from neighbors who refuse to kill theirs. We have seen them cross streets even so they certainly will move above ground when needed.

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Looks like an overgrown cross between a rat and a mole.

BTW, that was a good move linking the image instead of placing it in the post. That way readers can choose whether they want to view it or not.


Best way to see them, way I like to see squirrels and rabbits too,