Cavendish Banana Taste or Better?

I live 30 mins north of Atlanta. Bought the banana from Lowe’s. I had it potted in what was probably a 10 gallon equivalent pot with miracle gro potting soil. It stayed outside on my deck in the summer reviving 6-7 hrs full sun a day. In the winter I placed it inside in front of a window. It got about 6 ft tall including the pot. It grew really well, had about 5-6 new shoots growing from the roots.

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I’m pretty sure it was correct, it was from One Green World, who I generally trust to have correct ID, and I believe it was a tissue culture grown plant. It was not the Super Dwarf, but most actually reliable sources (e.g., Richard) say that Dwarf Cavendish is usually 8-12 feet to flower. OGW says “Size at Maturity: 7-10 ft. in height” for example. Many unreliable nursery listings say otherwise, but they also sometimes show ridiculous fake photos where the banana bunch is faced the wrong way in a small potted plant. When I posted photos on the consensus was it was correctly labeled as Dwarf Cavendish. Here’s what it looked like when it went in the ground in summer 2021:

Yes, the soil here has excellent drainage, it’s mostly sand. But it was planted next to some other things that needed more watering in late winter, when the banana probably would have wanted to be mostly dry, and it was sucking up the water I tried to give to the other trees. But also, it’s just so persistently cool here, it leaves many things more prone to pathogens than in other places. Richard’s banana guide says “temperatures below 40°F should be a rarity and never sustained for more than an hour or two,” and my greenhouse regularly spends a few hours per night around 38° to 42° in winter.


All varieties I have look like that when small until the variegated leafs size out. Could be, but everyone I’ve seen talk about them say they fruit at 6ft and under typically

That’s the Super Dwarf you’re thinking of, I think.

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I’ve never heard of a distinction, I think the super dwarf is much better for marginal areas tho. The only non “super dwarf” I have is Blue java I’m determined to fruit these next year. I won’t protect my cavendish in ground because I tried one year and failed so I’m slowly pupping them all out, where I have the others is a better banana location

Blue Java, Dwarf Orinoco, Dwarf Kokopo
The cranberry hibiscus hides the Orinoco