Cease (bio fungicide)

Does anyone have experience with CEASE (I hate the name because it brings up tons of irrelevant stuff when you search). Did it seem effective in lowering your rots/rusts? How did it fit into your spray schedule?

I have experience with Serenade which has the same chemistry as CEASE, most likely Bayer manufactures CEASE for BioWorks. Efficacy depends on plant, disease, frequency, and concentration. Can you be more specific.

I’m not sure that I can yet. My intention is to use it to mitigate brown rot and CAR/Quince rust in between treatments with sulfur /captan. The thought behind it is that nature hates a vacuum. So the sulfur and captan to knock out active spores then the Cease to recolonize and hopefully out compete new spores. The other option would have been EM1.

although CEASE contains some active spores, these organisms are soil dwellers and requires roots to form symbiotic relationship. They won’t survive on the surface. There is a test result from Oregon state ag which shows EM1 barely had any active organisms. For colonization I recommend looking into some form of yeast.

I did read that the EM1 mix was dormant and needed to activated before use. I wonder if that is the case or if it is actually snake oil.

If you go through OR state results, most microbial products don’t meet CFU’s listed on the label, only a few fare better. Take a look at this report from 2020, 2021, you can find other years on the state website. I think it’s very difficult to package and keep these organisms alive.

2021_micro_results.pdf (35.2 KB)

2020_micro_results.pdf (44.1 KB)

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