Cedar apple rust control thru junipers

CAR needs both hosts to survive. A juniper and apple ( or other suitable host crabapple , hawthorn, service berry , etc.)
The spores can travel a few miles on the wind .
With out BOTH hosts the disease can not persist.
So , if you have not had a suitable apple family host for miles, it’s possible you don’t have CAR , even though you have junipers.
The prominent orange sporeulating masses on juniper are only there for a week or so, some people never notice them,if not looking at the right time.
But they do have a small round gall year round . The size of a pea or bigger .

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I think you are expecting too much from the existing breeding programs…

I mean, its a little hard to develop a Cedar resistant to being hit by a 3,000 lb. car.



I have noticed some cedar trees have more galls than others ,
Some very few.
So selecting resistance may be possible ?



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its the same with W.P.B.R and currants. up til 2 years ago i had never seen a wild currant in Maine or the rust on w. pines. grew some golden currants from sterilized cuttings sent to me and the 2nd year growing they were covered with rust. i destroyed them. so somewhere that rust existed on some pines nearby which means theres wild currants somewhere nearby as well. i looked in my neighborhood and couldnt find 1 w. pine within a mile of me. that fungus must have traveled a long distance or i missed a tree but what is the chance a rare currant and a rare w. pine were close enough to complete the funguses life cycle? i have a forester friend i told this to and he told me he hadnt heard of or came across a infection of WPBR and all his time in the woods hadnt seen wild Ribes either and hes walking wood lots 30hrs a week 6 months of the year doing lot surveys.

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You guys don’t have loads of wild gooseberries? They are all over around here

the only 1 ive ever found was 2 years ago growing under my pines in full shade. bird must have dropped a seed there. i dug it out and planted it in my rows in full sun. it grew like crazy. now its a very dark green thorny as hell bush about 30in tall and wide. full of blooms for the 1st time, no WPBR so far. not expecting very good fruit but if it isnt ill just chop it. just curious as its the 1st wild Ribes ive seen in my 50 yrs. i guess the Ribes eradications they did in Maine in the 1930’s was very effective at ellimintating most of them. i if nothing else it will help pollinate my jeanne gooseberry 20ft away. :wink:

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