Central Az grafting workshop and scion exchange

This is coming up on the 24th and is being put on by my neighbor and her brother.
Anyone attending is welcome to whatever scion I can cut off our trees. Just refer to my list from last year, and let me know what you want.
I didn’t see if they had rootstock, but we have some apple in the field if they dont (mm111 and mm106)
I have apple trees in the field too on various rootstock for sale. Big 2 year trees for 25 or 5 for 100.
I have a bunch of d.lotus for sale too! Any takers?

20190201_Grafting_Workshop_flier_complete.pdf (303.6 KB)

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Not directly related, but a picture of a scion is in the link, which prompted a thought.
Anyone done enough dozens of grafts to know if taking a “pencil” of scionwood and cutting into 2 or 3 sections…does the section with the terminal bug perform differently than the other pieces of stick?
(I think it would
take many grafts to know
if there is a pattern.)

I dont know for sure, but I have grafted many a terminal bud and I really like the straight upward growth that they provide. I have not seen any increase in fails or negative with them either.