Central CA Bloom

ALL Pics are from a few weeks ago

Flavor Supreme—Bees all over it this year, multiple bees constantly working. Every single flower seemed to set fruit. Last year I had around 25 Already thinned off around 500+ doubles and one with four. Got the tail end of DD bloom (flavor supreme bloomed for a long time this year) and then beginning of FK

Flavor King just started blooming and is blooming with emerald beaut which was a week or so behind FK

Emerald beaut which is currently in full bloom


Thanks for sharing. I could look at fruit trees all day…wait I do…hahaha.


Same here. All other plums/pluots/Pluerries are done blooming. I’m having to look hard for any viable FK pollen to hand pollinate EB. Bees are visiting it but do they carry the compatible pollen from 2 weeks ago?

The earliest plums have finished flowering and are rapidly leafing out in the east San Francisco bay area.
Here is today’s photo of a Satsuma, Elephant Heart, Flavor King, and Cambridge Gage (still fairly dormant on right) top worked to an old purple leaf ornamental plum bush.

And D’Anjou pear…


Flavor King today 3/15

Emerald beaut 3/15

Flavor Supreme 3/15. It appears I am going to be thinning for days. Already haven taken off most doubles about 500 or so


Flavor Supreme (Pics from April 9th)- Already thinned all doubles and bunch of others, but still needed to thin more. So hard mentally to thin this pluot.