Century Farm Orchard Inventory List for 2024

I was just looking over the latest list put out 7/08/2024. As usual, Blacktwig leads the list with 392 available, Grimes Golden next at 352, Old Fashioned Winesap at 318, Arkansas Black at 211. Some of the lesser known Limbertwigs are listed as 3, 5, 7 and 8. But the more in demand ones like Swiss, Victoria and Red Royal have quantities of 78 and up.

I got eight trees at the open house last fall and twenty more shipped in March. All are doing well with Hooples Antique Gold taking the lead for the most growth so far this summer.


They have nice fruit trees. I have bought from them over the last 10 years and have been happy with what they have shipped me. I like that they have an “Open House” in the fall. Lots of fruit to look at and see before you decide on what to try out in your own orchard.

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