Century Farm Orchard inventory list now available

Want to pass to those thinking of placing apple and pear tree order that Century Farm Orchard just posted their inventory list for fall 2016/spring 2017 shipping. They sell out quickly of the popular varieties, I just placed my 7 tree order. I have always been happy with my CFO orders, David, the owner is a super nice fellow.

Century Farm Inventory list

Century Farm home page

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I agree! David is very helpful and answers email promptly. Very knowledgeable fellow. During his open house you may run into Tom Burford, Lee Calhoun who wrote “Old Southern Apple”, or another well known apple expert.

He is a big advocate for MM111 but sells some B9 trees also. I bought some great looking B9 rootstocks from him a few years ago for excellent price. I really like the fact he sells trees in the fall so I can get them planted before the spring push. All of the B9 trees I bought from him looked good when I got them and 100% survived, but don’t expect a lot of feathers.

The trees I got from him were beautiful. I have to figure out how to make more room…

He has been my recent source for southern apples. Great selection, great trees, great guy - what more do you need? He doesn’t have much in the dwarfing size though, order soon for those. Its good I decided to make my recent cider planting MM111, it meant I could get nearly all the trees from him. After growing nothing bigger than MM106 I am looking forward to a stand of big MM111s.

I know what you mean. If I was to start over from scratch, I might follow David’s advice and plant the MM111. No trellis to mess with, huge savings on tree costs, less FB problems and could probably get by with no drip irrigation. Might even get the trees into moderate production about as fast as my B9!