Chafer beetles on apple

When I was thinning apples on my tree, I noticed some apples had been gnawed on by small brown beetles – I identified them as European chafer beetles I think – I also found the beetles decimating the blooms on my snowball bush/viburnum. (They were not eating the leaves, just the tiny apples!) I just wondered if this is something others have regularly experienced, and do I need to be on the lookout each year, or is it maybe a freak occurance. I have never seen them mentioned before as apple pests.

I’m in VA.

I use to deal with Rose Chafers…they are common in sandy soil areas of the midwest. They damage fruits/leaves. The past few years i haven’t noticed many of them. I use to just hand thin them when i could since they are easy to kill.

I must have a good spot for them because I saw quite a few. They were feasting on fruit that was already infested by the plum curculio, but it was still unsettling.