Che fruit


Thanks for the info! That’s encouraging to know that they may ripen late enough to be able to avoid the SWD. My rasps continue ripening through any frosts until we get a hard freeze (mid November last year). I have some osage orange seedlings that I started growing in pots last winter, which I plan to use for grafting che. The fruit drop thing is concerning but it seems like that happens less as they get older.


Last month (Sept), someone brought a large bowl of Che fruit to our local CRFG meeting. The fruit was very tasty with soft seeds that could be eaten or spit out. I’m not sure who brought the fruit, so didn’t have an opportunity to pump them for information.


My Che fruits are about ready to be pick.



Same here.
And this year we had a lot of heat and also enough rain. I think I’ll replace my Che with something else.

I hope @Austro_PawPaw share his experience. He has both male and female.


I had males and females for years. I got rid of the males because they served no purpose except that they caused the female fruits to produce seeds.


Nothing here will eat the fruit, the branches or the leaves. We are on the edge of hundreds of acres of pasture that has just about every critter you can think of and they all need food. They bother every other fruit and nut tree I have, but they won’t bother che.


Tony, which variety of persimmon is the flat one at the back?


Tam Kam non astringent Kaki. One of the best in size and sweetness.


Great, thanks. I will try to get it.


Does anyone here have the noriss variety? My friend is eager to find it because, supposedly, fruits earlier. He have some female plant but majority of the fruits drops, or those which dont fall of can’t ripen on time. I read that dropping may be from weather conditions or plant age. We speak for usda hardiness zone 6b. I’m grateful for any info.


It is listed here: