Chemical conversion rate for small batch?

I always hate the fact that chemical companies dont give a small chart showing appropriate dosage for low volumes of water, for individuals mixing small quantities. Can somone verify that my calculations are very close for this calculation. Using Inspire Super for the first time this year. It calls for 12 fluid ounces per 50 gallons of water per acre. My equation brings that down to 42 cc / gallon of water. Sorry for the metric just easier to dispense liquid chemicals with a syringe.

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My math for this is:

12oz/50g = 0.24 oz per gallon

29.57cc per oz * 0.24 = 7.09cc per gallon

Quite a bit different than your 42cc, but I showed my work so let me know if you see what I did wrong.

You get an “A” for that.

Reading the label, it would be easier to help you if we knew what crop(s) you are spraying and the estimated spray area in sq.ft. or whatever.

For example, 12 fl.oz. / 50 gal H20 / 1 Acre translates to about 7.1 cc / 1 gal H20 / 871.2 sq.ft.

However, the label also states to use a minimum of 10 gallons H20 per acre so you could use as little as 6.5 cups of water.

Yea I understand but that is easier said than done. Trees vary in size considerably, it would be way too hard too estimate the spray area in square feet. The rate is for apples. I just halved both sides of the equation… 6 oz for 25 gallons of water, 3 oz for 12.5 gallons… etc.

I believe you are right I found my error and I now come up with what you did. I was in a rush only dry day in the forecast and the sun was heading toward the horizon.

Understand that the rate is given in pesticide volume per acre, not gallons of H20 per acre. The latter has to do with crop coverage.

The tree size doesn’t matter as much of the area each is allotted. So figure whatever makes sense, 10x10’ per tree, 15’x15’ per tree … how many trees are there?

My concern is that you are going to under-dose.