Cherry or plum trees? Help ID please

These trees are located in the Catskill mountains of New York state zone 5B they are the earliest flowering trees in my area. I’m sure leaves would help but I did not take pictures of them in leaf so my goal is to graft onto them so I can get fruit this year based on educated guessing.

Pyrus calleryana ?

Looks like callery pear to me.

The photos above are of tree “one”
The next three are of tree “two”
It’s about 200 yd away from the one above out in the field but this one as you can see bear fruit I tried to eat one back in December when these photos were taken and they were so bitter I had to clean my mouth out with snow lol… the buds I tried to photograph actually look like two opposing deer hooves…

NOT callery pear.

Plum of some type I think.

Looks like it is a kind of plum family (prunus)

The Sloe (Blackthorn) berries and how to ID them for Sloe Gin… - YouTube


And that may be the right ID.