Cherry/plum hybrid spray schedule?

Hello all
My first hybrid is currently flowering, and I’m wondering what, if any, spray schedule would be typical. This is locally called “BioCherry”, and I could find no information further as per care. My area is hot and humid in summer, and peaches etc require vigorous spraying. In fact, I’ve been additionsly bagging peaches and grapes.
The card illustration depicts a dark purple plumish fruit.

I found this. There’s not very much out there right now and it seems like it’s Asian in origin? Looks like Cherry-Plums are the popular thing right now, I just planted a Nadia this Spring.

Plum insects (Plum Curcullo, etc), will eat that so i treat them like plums. Also have to treat for possible brown rot.So your normal insecticide and fungicide treatments.

Cheers guys. I got a feeling there’s going to be too many to attempt any kind of bagging. Do birds go after these similar to cherries?

They are small, but not that small. I have had them peck at them only. Not much either, most were clean.

OK thanks. I’ve got some general purpose insecticide left over from last year, and a bit of neem spray. Hopefully I don’t need to use it much.

Yeah not sure what you fave there, good luck!